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Praise for Stump the Librarian

“Alan Samry’s Stump the Librarian is a deeply felt, extensively researched, and emotionally engaging work. The seemingly ordinary story of a librarian with a prosthetic leg becomes, in Samry’s honest and eloquent telling, a remarkable journey through memoir, history, and literature. Journey along with this learned, soul-searching author.”

—Roy Hoffman, Author of Alabama Afternoons, an essay collection, and Come Landfall, a novel

“I Laughed and cried over the unique experiences of amputees. Hilarious and heartbreaking!

I have been a Certified Prosthetist for nearly 20 years. I thought I knew a lot about amputees both personally and historically, but this book proved that there is more learn. This book is a fabulous collection of stories that captures the culture’s perception and fascination of amputees. From mythical accounts to obscure historical records, Samry paints a picture in his book that brings these people to life! He has found a unique way to weave his personal story as having congenital limb deficiency with the other stories of amputees he has researched and met along the way. He gives a raw and transparent glimpse into life as an amputee. This is a must read for people who are touched with limb loss. I would recommend parents reading this book first prior to letting their young children read it due to some age sensitive content. This book is easy to read and the format of the book makes it easy to put down and pick up as time allows.”

—Lisa J. Miller Certified Prosthetist, Certified Fitter-mastectomy, Eastern Shore Orthotics and Prosthetics, Alabama Prosthetics and Orthotics Association President

“Alan Samry’s kaleidoscopic book, Stump the Librarian is at once a glorious compendium of quick biographies of one-legged individuals, a moving memoir, a fascinating history of amputations and prostheses, and a medical investigation of the congenital anomaly that left the author with a disability at birth.  Samry, a librarian in Fairhope, Alabama, takes joy in the quest for answers and pursues information with the sublime sense of mission that the best librarians possess.  With clarity, candor, and a down-to-earth directness, he takes us with him:  fascinated, outraged, horrified, thrilled, and ever curious about a world populated—and profoundly changed—by those who not only get by on a single leg but stand far more firmly than many people with two. Samry weaves poignant personal recollection through his tapestry of information, making Stump the Librarian a must read.”

—Molly Peacock, author of The Analyst and The Paper Garden

“Alan Samry takes readers on his personal journey of curiosity, humor and exploration. In an unlikely narrative readers learn about Alan’s life as a congenital below-knee amputee.  In a very delightful and provocative manner, Alan relates his personal memoirs and shares historical and imagined characters who are like-amputees.

Alan’s writing style is fascinatingly varied, and insightful into his own self-discovery.  He shares intimate details that enable readers to appreciate his story and perspective.

This book is a celebration of Alan – his person, determination, and his insatiable desire for truth.”

—Tamara Dean, Director, Fairhope Public Library