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Screen Doors and Floor Plan

On my way to Library School Orientation in Tuscaloosa last week, I stopped to eat my sack lunch in Thomaston, Alabama, hometown of my friend Phillip Counselman. He says it’s “the pepper jelly capital.” It’s not the most prosperous place, but I walked the main street to stretch my legs.

That’s where I found these screen doors. It is exactly what we want for our pantry doors, though these were a bit too tall. If you know where I can find a similar pair, leave me a message. If we can’t find a set like this, we may have our trim carpenter make them.

House Plans

We have our full set of house plans! It took us about five weeks to get them right, but we are totally happy with the floor and site plan. They are with an engineer right now and we hope to review his set next week. Here’s an earlier copy of the floor plan, but it’s very close to the final.



We also walked the lot and marked trees to keep this week. Delia, our builder, is pulling a land disturbance permit from the City of Fairhope. If all goes to plan, lot clearing begins next week.


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