We designed our dream home! The plans have been engineered and we have an initial estimate from our builder. Hold on, wait for it…We can’t afford it! As it stands today the estimate is $70,000 over budget. Part of that additional cost is the foundation for our sloped lot, but that’s just one cost in a list of expenses that have added up to blow up our initial budget.

We are tweaking the plan, and trying to attach the garage off the kitchen. Delia (Lemongrass) is tightening up the numbers and will be getting back with us next week.

Quite frankly, we’re about to tell Delia, ‘It’s not you, it’s us!’ We don’t want to take such an expensive leap. If this next round doesn’t work out, we’ll start looking for another builder.

During all this, Sue and I are rethinking the entire project. Building a new home was supposed to be our 25th wedding anniversary gift to each other. What really has us thinking is, “why do we want to spend all that money on a place to live?’ We have a lovely home right now.

If we can’t build, believe it or not, we are okay with the decision. We have invested in a piece of land and had it cleared. The land purchase is simply an investment regardless of whether we sell it or hold onto it a while. The creative process was great and we have the plans for our dream home, if and when we choose to build it.


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