Building A Home, We Are!

We have signed a contract with

radcliff button

Bobby is a direct, no-nonsense kind of guy and he has been in the business for several decades. As a single family home developer and custom builder he, and his construction supervisor Alan, have the experience to help us make cost-effective decisions without sacrificing quality construction. This will be a tremendous asset since we are in the process of applying for a construction loan with

National Bank of Commerce

Melissa, our loan originator, and Jim, the senior VP, are headquartered in the branch right behind the Fairhope Public Library. They work with homeowners and have a great reputation with many local contractors, both large scale and custom builders.

Our house plans, by Deborah’s Residential Designs, are being engineered by


We are pursuing gold fortification in the construction of our home. There is a lot of steel reinforcement and the building must follow the 2012 International Building Code standards, which translates to a strong well-built home and significant savings in homeowners insurance. Once Cristin’s engineering is complete, plans will be submitted to the City of Fairhope’s building department.

I wish I could tell you when the groundbreaking will happen. I cannot. There is, in my estimation, another month of paperwork, permitting, and approvals ahead. When the groundbreaking happens, you, dear blog readers, will be the first to see earth-moving pictures.



1 thought on “Building A Home, We Are!”

  1. Sounds great, I wish that we had had the option to build with the gold option. That will save you a lot of money on your insurance. Dad

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