Sell and Sod

Main 2

We have a pending contract to sell our house! We will be closing on our current home August 5. We will be moving in with Sue’s mom and dad for a few weeks while our new home is being complete. In the meantime, enjoy the progress.


Looking southwest. The steps off the side of the front porch will be bricked this week.

The sod was rolled out Thursday. The front of the house is set to be painted this week too.    Icy Lemonade (Sherwin Williams), perfect for late July in Alabama.

We love this old gnarled cedar.

Soon-to-be screened in back porch.

Lots of people comment on our low roof pitch. (Determined by the number of inches it rises vertically for every 12 inches it extends horizontally. Also referred to as roof slope or roof slant, according to roofgenius.com) Typically, you see 8 on 12, like the neighbor’s on the left. We’ve always liked the lower 6 on 12 pitch of older homes. It reminds us of our first ranch house in Falmouth, which was built in 1955.


Kitchen looking from the back door.

From the living room.

The giallo fiesta granite and subway tile back splash provide a nice contrast to the coffee stained cabinets.

Living room with coffered ceiling looking north. When the bricklayers come back to do the steps they will build the raised hearth and brick around the wood-burning firebox.

View from the front entry.

From the kitchen looking southeast. Donnie the trim guy will be back this week to finish the trim work, hang the custom doors, and install door levers.

Front bedroom

The luxury vinyl tile is sawtooth gray. The walls are Misty (also Sherwin Williams).

Bedroom three.

Master bedroom.

Master Bath

Master Shower with cultured marble. Plumbers arrive this week to install fixtures.

Laundry room

 Sue’s office.

Front entry, looking east. Yes, there will be a railing.


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