What’s the Best Christmas Present?

After going through some of my mom’s (1932-2018) paper work and photographs, I sent off some genealogy and family photos to my grandmother’s (Mary Walouke Samry) niece, Evelyn. That was Labor Day weekend. Last Thursday, Evelyn sent me a box just in time for Christmas.

A photo album of pictures I’ve never seen before!

It’s full of photos of my dad when he was a child. Mark, Steve, and I looked at the photos the day after Christmas. I’m sharing a few here for my sisters and other family who want to check out the photos. These are a few of my favorites.


FR best guess: Rose Walouke, Mary Walouke Samry, Francis Samry, Charles Walouke, BR Joseph Samry Joseph Walouke, Sophie Walouke (Circa 1930)

Francis Samry

Francis Samry

Joseph and Francis

Joseph and Francis Samry

Francis and Joseph Samry

Francis (possibly age 6, 1933) and Joseph Samry

Francis Samry

Francis Samry, (age 6)


Joseph and Francis Samry (age 11, 1938)

Francis Samry

Francis Samry, Enlisted US Navy: 1945)

Francis J. Samry

Francis Samry, “Fran, Taken Oct 5, 1946”


Francis Samry


Mary and Joseph Samry


Mary and Joseph Samry


FR: Laurie, Lynne, BR: Steve and Mark (Probably 1967 Graves House, Eastham)


Steve, Lynne, Mark, Laurie, Front Steps


Joseph Walouke, Sophie Walouke Midura?, and Mary Walouke Samry in Las Vegas at the Holiday Casino (May 1976)


Mary Samry, Charles and Anna (Stonkas) Walouke (May, 1976)


Second from left is Evelyn (Midura) Montagnino, her sister Janet (Midura) Speiser third from the right, and more cousins.

I’m so happy Evelyn and I corresponded. This is what letter writing can be in the 21st century. Try it! I believe you’ll be rewarded. Merry New Year!




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