Brick Delivery

So here we are Memorial Day Weekend and the brick has been delivered. Belle Grae is the color of the brick, and although it is supposed to be reddish, it definitely looks more brownish. We’ll have to wait until it’s a wall, and hope it captures the look we envisioned. It also has some white, so that should offset the browns. If it is too dark we may change the finish on the exterior lighting.



Although this is not a great sample, Giallo Fiesta is the granite we selected. Our slabs have browns, whites, blacks, grays, and flecks of burgundy. The piece for our island has some subtle veining.

Plumbing Fixtures


The Moen Arris line will be in the master and the Align will be in the guest bath. We love the rain shower with a diverter for a handheld. The bar also doubles as an ADA compliant grab bar for me.


We went with Spray Foam in the attic. We also insulated some of the interior walls, especially between the bathrooms.

From our master bedroom looking into the master bath with pocket door.



These fan lights will be for our uutdoor light fixtures, including the garage, front and back porch


Sue and I are still deciding two or three of these Kichler 9 inch diameter fixtures over the island. I’m in favor of the Rule of Three, given that our island is 39 by 79 and will also be our only eating area.

Until next time. Thanks for following.


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